With a growing conviction of his own sin, Graceless (later to be known as Christian) sets out on a pilgrimage to the Celestial City.

Evangelist, a noble traveler of life's road, intercepts wanderers and points them toward the Celestial City.  Our story opens with his encounter with Graceless.  He revisits Christian and Faithful just before their entry to Vanity Fair.

 Obstinate and Pliable, Graceless' neighbors, sorty forth to arrest their friend's progress.  He refuses to be drawn aside, and convinces Pliable to join him.  Although following for a short time, Pliable is soon turned from the way.

Goodwill, the Gatekeeper, stands at the Wicket Gate to ensure that pilgrims enter safely and are sent on their way with the proper instruction.

The foul fiend Apollyon stands astride the path, barring Christian's progress.  Will the pilgrim fight or fly?

Christian meets a fellow pilgrim, Faithful, when he escapes the Valley of the Shadow of Death.  They quickly become close friends.

Moved to salvation by Faithful's witness, Hopeful accompanies Christian out of Vanity Fair.  They rely heavily on eachother in the days to come.  There is no doubt that "two heads are better than one" in this case.

"It would have been better for you had you never been born", Giant Despair assures his prisoners as he escorts them to his vast stronghold of Doubting Castle.  He holds pilgrims in his dungeon for days before tearing them in pieces (or so he says).

Straight out of the County of Deceit, Ignorance is as his name implies.  He refuses to see his own necessity for personal justification.  His mind becomes closed to the explanations of Christian and Hopeful.

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