Wallpapers.zip Wallpapers.zip
Size : 1.569 Kb
Type : zip

Here's a collection of various frames from the movie, a long with one shot that never made it into the final cut (a rare, rare, rare exception).  Use your imagination.

This is my favorite piece in the whole soundtrack.  Matthew Dickerson is a very skilled dulcimer player and I'm very glad he dropped by.

My Grace is Sufficient.aiff.zip My Grace is Sufficient.aiff.zip
Size : 8.879 Kb
Type : zip

Here is some of my own work.  This particular track was done several years ago for another project.  It was a fragment of a much larger soundtrack composed for a movie that was never filmed, called "Quest of Thesselh".  Andrew Calvetti may have the legal right to this music, but it doesn't really matter since the movie was never made, does it?

Hi-Res Wallpaper.zip Hi-Res Wallpaper.zip
Size : 0.606 Kb
Type : zip

Three High-Resolution shots for use as desktop wallpaper.

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