What a day that was.  Non-stop shooting from 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM.  Apollyon required constant attention- pieces of his wings kept coming loose.  The actor inside the demon suit also plays Faithful.  Dents in Christian's armor had to be repaired, and several hours were spent in applying his make-up for the last few minutes of the scene.  However, looking at the finished clip, I'd say that it was worth it.

This is Experience making some last-minute adjustments to the bridge on the miniature Doubting Castle set.  I managed to keep the cost of production down by having the actors work on props.

For some of the scenes we filmed on location in Uzbekistan.  It was more cost-effective than New Zealand because we didn't have to notify the local authorities.  We just dropped the actors and camera crew in that morning, and picked them up later in the day.  The fly-by shot for approaching Vanity Fair was done by means of helicopter camera.  The actual city was composited into the shot later.

"Giant Despair" is actually a CGI character whose animation was driven by motion capture.  We thought the actor who played Hopeful lended a certain moodiness to the role, and chose him for the part.  Also, it was cheaper than hiring a trained stuntman.

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